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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of publishing and marketing website information that ranks well for valuable keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search, and Microsoft Live Search.


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Search engines like Google only show 10 search results on the first page and most searchers only click on the top 5 websites. A website listed on the second or third page is virtually invisible, receives very little website traffic, and is destined to fail. At OnTopPage SEO we focus on getting your website top ranked in search engine results so you get the high volume of website traffic you need to quickly achieve success.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of setting up your website to increase the number of visitors. This is an ongoing, time consuming process, which is why a majority of companies hire Search Engine Marketing consultants to perform this task. A Search Engine Marketing firm frees you up to focus on your core competencies.

Professional Search Engine Optimization includes:

search engine optimization  Creating professional, easy to read, keyword-rich content
seo companies  Optimized coding of title tags for each web page
internet marketing  Optimized coding of meta content for each web page
search engine optimisation  Optimized alt image tags for images
website optimization  Effective link building
internet marketers  Proper use of page names, titles, & content specific pages
search optimization  Website submissions to internet search engines & directories
seo company  Website Inclusion in business directories for strong in-bound links

Properly providing these services and doing each one correctly is extremely important, yet rarely done by amateur optimization consultants and so-called professional optimization companies fail to perform these vital functions.

Positive Benefits of Page Content!

Search Engine Optimization truly starts and ends with the content of the website. Creating unique content which is correctly written is one of the best ways to increase your ranking. Search engines crawl billions of web pages every month, and from those billions of web pages they need to determine, through their complex and proprietary algorithms, which sites are going to rank near the top. While there are a number of factors that play into this, content is the most important part. After writing the targeted content, the need to perform the other optimization steps take place. This includes properly coded Page Title & META tags, inclusion into quality directories, submissions to the top search engines, and a sensible keyword optimization will help your website increase rankings.

Examples of Top Ranked Websites Through Optimization:

search engine optimization  Manufacturing Companies, KenWalt Die Casting Company
search engine marketing  Environmental Company, Effective Environmental Services
seo  Organic Environmental Technology, OrganicET

Negative Impact of Poorly Optimized Page Content

Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of all successful websites. Page content plays an equally important role, but your website must still communicate a strong message and not confuse viewers with "over-optimized" content for the sake of higher rankings. Your site should be a legitimate source of information. Not a confusing mess of jumbled words and phrases. If you receive a lot of website traffic, but few to no sales or leads, then this may be what is happening to you.

Our professional and highly ethical Search Engine Optimization techiniques work! So if you want be on the Top Page of Internet Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and many more and if you want hundreds of thousands if not millions of visitors to your website then contact us now so we can help you achieve internet success!

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SEO Tips: Off-Page Website Optimization  

Off-page optimization refers to indirect optimization factors rather than direct on-page optimization factors. Off-page optimization impacts how a website ranks in search results and therefore should be optimally done whenever possible.

The following off-page optimization techniques are used to improve a website's search engine ranking:

1. Incoming Links and Anchor Text

The anchor text in incoming links that are used to link to a web page should contain important keywords or keyword phrases. Anchor text are the words in a text link that point to your website. The linking text is viewed as "contextual" by search engines so using keywords or keyword phrases in incoming links is important in the optimization process. Link text should also be varied and appear natural to search engines and should include keywords or keyword phrases that will obtain high rankings in search engine listings.

2. Quantity of Incoming Links

Search Engines often monitor the quantity of incoming links, or back links, to a website. A large quantity of incoming links is an indicator of popularity or importance and search engines favor web sites with a large number of backlinks. Search engines use the quanitity of incoming links to give better ranking to more popular web sites.

3. Quality of Incoming Links

Search engines value the quality of links even more than the quantity of links. Incoming links or backlinks from trusted and related websites are given more importance by search engines than a large volume of links. Thus it is important to solicit and obtain backlinks from websites that are trusted or accepted as an authority.

4. Gradual Building of Incoming Links

The gradual accumulation of incoming links appears more natural to search engines than a sudden large appearance of incoming links all at once on a website. Unethical webmasters who attempt to manipulate website rankings by gathering a large number of links in a short time frame can cause a website to get blacklisted by search engines. Accumulating links over time is best and most beneficial.

5. Blogs and Blogging

Use keywords or keyword phrases in the "name" box whenever commenting in blogs because this will often result in backlinks to your website and improved rankings.

6. Forums

Include keywords or keyword phrases as part of your forum signature because this will often result in backlinks to your website and improved rankings.

7. Press Releases

Using the maximum amount of keywords or keyword phrases when submitting press releases, media announcements, articles or studies results in an increased number of backlink to a website and effectively improves page ranking.

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seo servicesWebsite Optimization Steps
Although Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are vital for every website, many website owners think it's too complicated and neglect to get help. Search Engine Optimization can be simplified into 7 main steps:


How to Spot Bad SEO Services

10 Signs an SEO company isn’t worth the money

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective internet marketing methods for generating leads and sales from your website. However, for a good SEO company to get effective results, website optimization is time consuming and can be complicated. So companies often outsource their SEO to someone they hope is a trained professional. But with thousands of SEO firms to choose from, and many bad SEO companies who make guarantees they can't keep, how can you tell a good SEO company from a bad one?

10 Signs of Bad SEO Services:

#1  Making Promises that are Too Good to be True
#2  Using Unethical SEO Techniques
#3  Targeting the Wrong Keywordsseo-target.jpg
#4  Using Link Farm Scams
#5  Promising to List Your Site On the Top Page of Google in 24 Hours
#6  Promising to List Your Site in Hundreds of Online Directories
#7  Immediately Redesigning Your Site
#8  Creating Bad Content
#9  Driving all the Wrong Traffic to Your Site website-traffic.jpg
#10  Offering One-Time SEO Fixes with No On-Going Maintenance

Use these 10 Signs of Bad SEO Services to avoid wasting money.