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What is "Organic Search Engine Optimization" anyway? It may seem like it has something to do with the Green Movement or Saving the Planet. But actually "Organic Search Engine Optimization" or "Organic SEO" are terms used to describe the achievement of 'Organic' or 'Natural' On Top Page Search Engine Results. Organic SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization of a website without the use of expensive Pay-Per-Click and other forms of costly paid advertising.

There are many benefits of Organic SEO and at OnTopPage we specialize in unique, proven methods to achieve top page search engine listings and top page rankings...the natural way.

This unique and effective approach to website optimization is the desired method accepted by top search engines, and when professionally orchestrated, results in On Top Page Search Engine Results, Top Website Ranking, swarms of website traffic to your website and internet success for you!

The lifeblood of any Website is Traffic, Traffic, Traffic and any skilled webmaster knows the best type of traffic is natural, organic search engine traffic.

There are 3 very important reasons for this:

Maximize Your Reach to Potential Customers with targeted Keywords and Phrases
Virtually FREE compared to Costly Pay-Per-Click advertising
(3) Stay On Top Page Google and other with an Organically Optimized Website

The hard part is getting top ranking for your sites keywords… or is it?
On Top Page Search Engine Optimization Company uses simple, effective, and most important, search engine friendly strategies to boost your website's page ranking and traffic.

Here's some SEO Basics words and phrases to help you better understand the world of SEO:


Meta Tags

Keyword-rich Meta-Title, Description and Keyword Tags

Meta Tags
: The effective use of meta tags on your site is important. A few important meta tags are the “title” tag, the “description” tag, and the "keyword" tag. Although some SEO companies erroneously believe that the “keywords” tag is not important to the major search engines, the truth is that the "keywords" tag is still and important factor for the major search engines and should still be used. The use of the correct keywords and phrases in the "title" tag and "description" tag are equally important.

Meta-Title Tags are lines of HTML code used to describe the title of your page to search engines. A descriptive title tag is important in helping search engines determine your web page's relevancy for certain keywords. The title tag is also used as the title of your web page in search engine results and is the first piece of information visitors see in search engine results. Title tags are amongst the most important factors for good ranking and need to contain the right mix of powerful keywords to improve your search engine ranking and a strong marketing message that appeals to your prospective customers. OnTopPage SEO Specialists are trained in meta tag optimization and will provide you with highly effective, optimized title tags that will work for you on both levels. Meta title tags can be a decisive factor whether or not someone clicks to visit your site.

Meta-Description Tags provide a brief description of your page which can be used by search engines or directories. A number of search engines display Description tags in search results for your web pages. This description can affect your search engine rankings and affect whether or not users click through to your site. The text in Description tags needs to be as powerful and informative as possible and should contain your most important keywords.

Meta-Keyword Tags are a collection of your most important keywords and phrases and are not visible to your website visitors. The meta keywords tag allows you to provide additional text for search engines to index along with the rest of what you've written on your page. Meta keywords can emphasize a particular word or phrase in the main body of your text. Meta keywords should be based on precision in-depth research by an SEO expert to determine what specific keywords and key phrases will capture the market for your products or services and bring the most traffic to your website, including niche keywords and phrases for niche markets to dominate.

Why use keywords and phrases? Because Search Engines evaluate keyword prominence (closeness to the beginning of a page), keyword weight (how many times a keyword or phrase is found) and keyword density (number of keywords or phrases compared to other words or phrases on a page) for each web page, along with the title tag, the description tag and keyword tag, to determine a website’s ranking.

New!  Image ALT Tag and Text Link Tag Optimization!
Image ALT Tags: Search Engine spiders don't read pictures or images, they read the pictures or an image's Alt tag. What do Image ALT tags do?  Image ALT tags are the little labels you see when you put your mouse over an image and give search engines keyword-rich information about the image file. Optimized Alt tags can make a big difference in your website's page rank.

Page Content and Keywords: Page content, including keywords, links and their specific locations on a page, are vital elements of effective search engine optimization and being #1 on Google and other search engines.

Text Link Tags and Text Links: What do text link tags do? Text link tags do the same thing as text links. Both forms of tags increase the keyword-rich content of your page and help improve your webiste's search engine results and page ranking.

Navigational links: Strategically placed navigational links are very important. As in reading a book, Search Engines read websites from the top left to the bottom right. In addition, Search Engines place an emphasis on the first 100 or so words or phrases on a site. However, these words or phrases should not include navigational links. Strategically placed navigational links help search engine spiders see first the keywords and phrases you want them to see and so give more weight to what’s most important on your page...your keywords and phrases.

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Only a trained SEO Specialist in Meta Tags, Title Tags, Description Tags, Keyword Tags, Text Link Tags, Image ALT Tags, Navigational Links and complete Page Content Optimization Management can create highly effective optimized websites that generate continuous floods of unique and repeat visitor website traffic to your site. 

Ensure your Website Code can be Indexed correctly.

Have you ever submitted your website to a search engine only to find that it never made it into the index? Your HTML code possibly contained errors that were mistaken for spamming techniques. Your website code needs to be error free in order to maximize your site’s search engine ranking potential. Since error free code is a critical component of any website optimization service, our Search Engine Optimization makes sure your code is search engine friendly.
Strategically placed Keywords and Phrases: Keywords and phrases should be strategically placed at the top and bottom of every web page, including unique and strategic scanning areas preferred by search engine spiders. There are many ways to include keywords and phrases on a web page.

Anchor Text
: Links should include optimized anchor text. Anchor text is what visitors click on to navigate to a site or page. Targeted anchor text can have a big impact on a site's search engine rankings.

Link Building
: Properly building links with other websites, including reciprocal links, can be a long process but patience and persistence pay off big in the long run.

At On Top Page Search Engine Optimization Company we know exactly what your website needs to be ranked #1 on Google Search Engine Results! That unique knowledge results in fast, powerful and effective solutions to guarantee your website's Top Search Engine Page Ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and more!