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Today, the most important factor in determining a company's success on the internet is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM). An effective search engine optimization strategy rapidly attracts visitors to your website.

If your website can't be found on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, there's absolutely no chance for your website to be successful. By rapidly increasing your website's popularity, your website's value increases as will your sales.

People worldwide at home and at work use the internet to find what they are looking for. It's fast, convenient and gets the job done. So it's vital for online business owners to implement effective search engine optimization strategies for their websites.

If you've spent any time trying to build an online business, then you know that Website Traffic is Vital to your survival and success.

On Top Page SEO = Swarms of Visitors to Your Website

If you want the world to swarm to your website then you need your website On Top Page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and others!

I'll let you in on a little secret about many SEO companies and so-called "gurus" who make it look like search engine optimization is more difficult than it really is. They want you to believe them so they can charge ridiculous prices for their services.

The truth is that getting traffic is NOT as complicated as they want you to believe - It's all about giving Google and other search engines the information they need and want so they can rank your website as high as possible.

Both Visible and Invisible Content on a website are vital for implementing effective search engine optimization. Skilled investigation for Effective Keywords is another important aspect and implemention of those keywords in the right areas of the visible and invisible content is key.

The basic idea behind search engine optimization or website optimization is to make key changes to a website to effectively give search engine spiders what they want to see. Hidden keywords and other behind-the-scenes elements are key to success.

Link building must also be implemented in order to increase visitors to your website, improve your link popularity and achieve a high page rank for your website. 

Increasing traffic to your website through Organic Search Engine Optimization is the only true road to internet success.

Every online business needs OnTopPage's Professional Search Engine Optimization services to handle and implement an effective search engine optimization strategy for their business.

OnTopPage's unique and effective website search engine optimization methods personally customized to your needs attract high volumes of website visitors locally and from around the world to make your website's internet success a reality!

Get started today and Convert Traffic Into Sales with a High Ranking Website on Google, Yahoo & Bing so potential customers can find you and not your competitors.


Website promotion is an integral part of running a successful online business. Promoting your website on the internet is similar to promoting any business, except that it is done with skilled search engine optimization and online marketing and advertising.

Your website represents you and your business. People find businesses using search engines such as Google. To be found, your website must be On the Top Page of search engine results. And that's done by search engine optimization that drives traffic to your web site.

Your website content and salescopy must convince people to buy your products or services. Given the lightning speed of the internet and it's millions of users (potential customers) having an online business and promoting that business on the internet is the quickest way, and really the only way, to have a successful business today!

The first step is to get a domain name. If possible, get a .com domain name that directly indicates the products or services you will provide. Ideally, your domain name is the highest volume keyword or phrase searched for on the internet for your business or service.

The next step is to create a website or have a website made for you.

After your site is complete, start an internet promotion campaign, which includes the first and most vital step of getting search engine optimization of your website.

This involves intensive keyword research (vital yet time consuming), source code optimization including title, description and keywords, content or page optimization, links and inbound and outbound link building, search engine submissions to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Dmoz and hundreds more, directory submissions, etc).

Search Engine Submission:

Submitting your website to search engines is an effective way of driving qualified traffic to your website. On Top Page provides these necessary search engine submission services.

Directory Submissions:

Internet directories are also a good source of website traffic and incoming links that will ultimately help your search engine rankings. Yahoo and Dmoz are two well known internet directories that will help increase your page ranking.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is a vital and integral step of internet website promotion process. Submitting your website to search engines alone will not get you on the top page of search engines. This is where time consuming keyword research is beneficial.

Webpage content, or sales copy as it is also known, must include the unique keywords and keyword phrases discovered during the keyword research as well as popular search terms that people use to search for your products or services.

Here's some basic items needed for effective SEO:

search engine optimization Brand names (Your brand name, if you have one)
search engine optimisation Who uses the product or service (doctor, dentist, mothers, teenagers, etc)
search engine ranking Where is the product used (home, office, beach, oil refineries, websites, etc)
top page google Related products or services (razors - soap, vegetables - farming, car - insurance, etc)
seo Season (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc)
search engine marketing Product features (easy to use, cheap, high quality, high availability, quiet, tastes good, green, etc)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Paid-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can be effective driving targeted traffic to your website, But BEWARE of the costly pitfalls of Pay Per Click Advertising programs that many search engines offer such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. It is much more cost effective to use Organic Search Engine Optimization.

internet marketing Caution: Pay-Per-Click Advertising listings can quickly drain your resources!

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is another effective form of website promotion. Email marketing involves building an opt-in (requested) mailing list. Sending emails to people without their consent or agreement to receive such emails is considered 'spam'. A website can be blacklisted for sending spam.

At OnTopPage we provide Professional Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Website Promotion to drive high volumes of traffic to your website so you can achieve online business success!

If you have any questions about website promotion, internet marketing, or search engine optimization contact us here at

Kenny Zaucha
Founder and CEO